Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tag's Homecoming!

On Saturday we were watching General Conference when Dad came home from helping Uncle Erik with something and he brought a package in with him- it was Tag! Home at last!

Thank you SO much to Amita and Lizzie and the Wroe family for the WONDERFUL goodies you sent back with him! We just loved the keychains, pins, and yummy chocolate (especially those Tim-Tams- reminded us of Kit-Kats only yummier!)

I was going to send some treats back with Koko, but no matter how much googling I did I couldn't figure out what treats we had here in the U.S. that you don't have in Australia. Next time we do this with someone I'm going to take a photo of the candy aisle and ask them to pick something! 

We got Tag settled in with us for the afternoon session of conference. Here Charlotte is sharing some candy corn with him. She was using it as markers on her Conference Bingo board (once you get bingo you get to eat all the candy corn!)

We're getting ready for fall and Halloween, so we got a pic of Tag with one of our jack-o-lantern decorations- see the kangaroo pin we pinned on his shirt? ;-) We are so happy to have him back home with us, and we're so grateful to our Australian friends for taking such good care of him. Hopefully Koko will be home very soon!

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