Friday, September 5, 2014

Farewell, Summer! Hello, School!

Monday was Labor Day here in the States, and then on Tuesday SCHOOL started! Charlotte is starting elementary school this year and she will be in kindergarten. Audrey will be in 3rd grade and Tyson will be in 5th.

Charmin and Teeny knew they had to stick together, since they were the only ones not going to school.

When I was taking individual shots somebody decided he wanted to photo bomb. Can you spot that bear?

Teeny and Charmin finally convinced me they needed a First Day of School photo too.

Tyson was kind enough to share his First Day photo. 

Everyone lines up at the bus stop...wait, where does Charmin think he’s going?

Charlotte gets ready for her first school bus ride!

Charmin waves farewell as the bus leaves for school. He’s sad to know our time with us is almost at an end, but the excitement of a new school year is contagious!

We have one more little adventure with Charmin this weekend before he returns home to you, so stay tuned...

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