Saturday, September 6, 2014

Over the River and Through the Woods... grandmother’s house we go! 

On Saturday, Chad and I wanted to make our quarterly temple trip, and we decided to leave the kids with my mom. They (my mom and stepdad) will be moving soon (closer to us! Williamsburg! Yay!) and we wanted to visit their house least one more time before they moved. They live in Lovettsville, 3 hours from us, but they’re only an hour from the temple, so that’s nice too. :-) 

They live on a 10-acre horse farm (Everland Farm) and it’s absolutely beautiful out there (I know you love the real estate- here’s the listing for their house- click here). Even with as far away as they live, my stepfather can still take the train into Washington, D.C. for his work at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). We had hoped to take Charmin into D.C. sometime this summer, but it didn’t happen. Oh, well!

Charmin relaxes in a rocking chair with Grandma on the front porch.

Charlotte takes him for a ride on the porch swing.

Tyson lets his teddy bear Bobby sit on his lap and Bobby lets Charmin sit on his lap. Bobby and Charmin have become great teddy-pals this summer.

Audrey found a dandelion for Charmin to blow. So fun!

Grandma gets Charmin settled for a quick ride on Chase. 

Bareback can be tricky, so she makes sure he doesn’t fall.

Charmin loved seeing the horses! They’ve pared down to just the two horses now- Charm and Chase.

Charmin checks out Charm’s stall. Her full name is “Charm My Heart.” 

This curious bear took a jump in the hay!

Charmin checks out the beautiful view of their road as we travel home. 

It has been a WONDERFULLY fun summer, and it’s finally time for Charmin to go back to HIS home  in the U.K.! We have loved having him as a part of our family and we are missing him already! Thanks for loaning us such a sweet bear! :-)

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