Sunday, July 24, 2016

Moppy Helps Celebrate a Birthday

Someone had a birthday in our family this week, but first...

These two missionaries heard about our International Teddy Bear Exchange and just HAD to have a photo with Moppy! Thanks, Elders!

And now for the birthday girl!

Christine turned 4 last week, and we started our celebrations with a birthday breakfast. 

Christine's favorite breakfast food is pancakes with butter and syrup. She had chocolate milk to drink with it. What's your favorite breakfast food?

Later, she had some friends over for some fun. Tyson and Audrey were kind enough to put on a show for the little girls. They used stuffed animals and told some very silly jokes. The little girls had fun watching.

Audrey has a karaoke machine that she let the little girls use, and here's Christine having her turn singing a song. I think she was singing, "Chihuahua." 

We took a break from the fun to sing Happy Birthday and have some mini cupcakes and ice cream cups. Chad and I were getting ready to drop the kids off at his sister's house while he and I went on our Stake's Pioneer Trek, so we kept our birthday celebrations pretty simple.

Later that night we did presents and a full chocolate birthday cake, which was lovingly decorated with M&Ms by Tyson and Audrey. Do you guys have M&Ms in Japan?

Christine wanted to share some cake with Moppy. She loved it! We enjoyed having Moppy celebrate with us.

So what are your birthday traditions?

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