Friday, July 1, 2016

Moppy at Maymont

Visiting Maymont has become an International Teddy Bear tradition- we went two years ago with Charmin, and then last year we took Koko. Each time we try to take some photos of different things so we can share even more of this beautiful park with our international friends. 

This year we parked at a different entrance to the park since the entrance we usually go in (the Children's Farm) is under construction. And you'll notice that Tyson is absent from these photos because this week and next week he'll be at a special summer camp called Governor's School. He's studying robotics, which he's really excited about.

Moppy pic by the fountain!

We found this little hidden garden behind this building- I thought the flowers were just gorgeous. I think there were more flowers in bloom during this visit to Maymont than I've ever seen before! 

Here is one of several beautiful gazebos on the property surrounded by blooming flowers.

Got a closeup of this one.

These roses in the Italian Garden were gorgeous!

Here is Moppy enjoying the beautiful flowers in the Italian Garden. She matches the flowers!

After the Italian Garden we visited the Japanese Garden (we knew Moppy would like that a lot) and we were quite surprised to see a huge group of people there eating their lunch on tatami mats and wearing t-shirts with the flag of Japan on them. We asked them what that was about and we found out they were doing a special Governor's School program for Japanese studies. So of course we asked if we could take a photo of them with Moppy and these two sweet girls happily agreed. 

Here is Moppy with the Japanese Garden behind her. It is a very beautiful, tranquil place.

We stopped and had lunch on some big rocks. Charlotte shared her Capri Sun drink with Moppy (who was hanging out in our cooler bag- silly monster!

Here are the girls on the half-moon bridge over the stream. There's usually a huge waterfall (would be off to the right of this photo) but it wasn't running on the day we were there.

Here are Christine and Moppy hanging out- the girls had a lot of fun climbing on these rocks.

Moppy in a tree! Can you tell what tree it is from the sign? It's a Japanese Maple!

Audrey doesn't sit in trees- she climbs them!

Christine at the entrance to the Japanese Garden as we were leaving.

As we made our way back up the hill we saw these beautiful magnolia trees in bloom. Their flowers are lovely.

A blurry photo of a beautiful rose.

And for the grand finale...

How's THIS for a tree? Love this one!

We hope you enjoyed our day at Maymont! And be sure to look at the posts from when we took Charmin and Koko if you want to see some other neat parts of this awesome park. :-)


  1. This is a wonderful photo documentary of your 2016 Maymont trip with the girls & Moppy! (But you aren't in any of the picts :-( )

    1. Eh, it's okay. I know I was there. ;-)