Sunday, June 26, 2016

Let's Go Fly a...Plane?

This week we had a rainy day and some friends were planning to visit the Aviation Museum near the Richmond International Airport, so we decided to join them. The museum will actually be closing at the end of the month, and admission is free until it does, so we definitely wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

Notice an extra kid? We brought a friend with us since his mom had a Primary Presidency meeting and the boys were planning on playing together later in the day anyway. Here's our gang in front of the Stars & Stripes airplane.

More cool planes! As you can see, Christine was on Moppysitting duty.

This was a flight simulator in which you had to fly a model airplane using a joystick. The plane was suspended from the ceiling of a wind tunnel. 

Here's a neat area of the museum that teaches kids about the different scientific principles associated with flight.

Even Moppy gets to learn!

More planes!

Moppy up on the museum's overlook. 

This was an airplane you could sit inside and work the rudders.

Whoo, go Moppy! She's got a front-row seat!

Whew, now she's back safe with the pilot.

This is Moppy making a sad face that the U.S. and Japan were once at war with each other. This exhibit was all about World War II.

We are happy that war is over!

After checking out the planes inside, we headed outside (the rain had stopped!) to check out this cool fighter jet in front of the museum.

The kids found an interesting place to perch Moppy.

This is DEFINITELY a front-row seat! Right on the nose of the plane! Hang on, Moppy!

This was the back of the plane. So cool!

Some goofy boys (and Moppy) pretending to be headless.

My favorite shot of the day- hang on, everybody!!

We're bummed that the Virginia Aviation Museum is closing, but we're happy we had the chance to go one time before it did- and so glad we could take Moppy to enjoy it with us!

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