Thursday, June 23, 2016

Moppy Takes a Hike!

We recently found out that in addition to books and dvds our local library has nature backpacks available to check out. Each backpack comes with free admission to a Virginia State Park, which is great for us, because there's one about 15 minutes from our home- Pocahontas State Park!

Here's Moppy checking out all the goodies that came in the backpack: nature guides, scavenger hunts/activity pages, a net, a bug catching container (which didn't quite make it into this photo) and, of course, the magnifying glass.

When we started on our walk, Charlotte wasted no time using the magnifying glass to check out some little black ants making their way up a tree.

Here's Tyson, and he's caught a- wait, that's Moppy! Crazy Tyson. (That's the bug container, by the way.)

Group photo with Dad! He happened to have the day off so he got to join us on our outing.

Here's Christine and Moppy by a BIG tree.

Audrey's giving Moppy a ride in the backpack and checking out the tree guide. She got very good at identifying the different trees we saw along the trail.

The flowering dogwood is the Virginia State Tree and the Virginia State Flower. I'd never noticed what unique bark it had before!

Here's a view of the James River as we crossed over the bridge. There are kayakers and a lady on a paddle board- and she actually had her dog riding on the front!

Dad caught a fish for us to see.

Here's a map showing the different "ecoregions" of the state of Virginia.

We hope you enjoyed taking this little nature walk in Virginia with us- it sure was fun having Moppy along! 

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