Monday, June 20, 2016

Moppy has arrived! (and she brought treats!)

Saturday afternoon Tyson and I were waiting for the girls and Dad to get home from the Daddy/Daughter campout when we got a package- from Japan! We waited to open it until everyone was home, and when we did we were so excited! There were treats!

We started with these...which I don't know the name for, because it's all in Japanese, but fortunately there were pictures so we knew what to do. It's basically a sour goo (like frosting) and sugar candy crystals. It comes with a little tray and then packets with powder for the goo- you just add water (which is measured with a corner of the tray you break off). Then you dip the little plastic spoon in the sour goo and then in the sugar crystals and then lick it off the spoon.

Here are Audrey and Tyson mixing it up. The girls were still in their swimsuits from the camping trip.

Christine really liked hers! And she was making sure Moppy got snuggled.

Tyson made a face at first, but he kind of liked it in the end.

Here's Charlotte getting hers mixed up.

Audrey wasn't a fan of the sweet & sour candy, but she sure loved these little "pies" (they're almost like mini Toaster Strudel for our American friends). And the poor girl got a sunburn, as you can see on her shoulders. 

We also really loved the cheesecake-filled sticks. I couldn't stop eating those and the pies. And, oddly enough for this chocolate lover, I liked the raspberry pies even more than the chocolate ones! And we tried them both cold and microwaved and I think we all agreed we liked the texture more when they were cold. None of us were big fans of the oval-shaped rice wafers- except for Charlotte! She liked them. Is there something you usually eat with them? They were a little too tangy and salty for my taste, but the flavor might be toned down a bit if we tried eating them with something else. 

Thank you SO much to our Japanese friends for sending us such a delicious taste of Japan along with Moppy! We hope that Tag makes it to you very soon, and we can't wait to have fun with Moppy this summer. We promise to send some American treats back with her so you can have a taste of some of our favorites, just like you did for us. 

(And I realized I didn't get a good photo of Moppy in this post- sorry! But we took her on an adventure today, so stay tuned for photos very soon!)

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  1. We are very glad you enjoyed trying out those Japanese snacks! In Japan, you can find many snacks with many different flavors each season! Sometimes, there are very interesting flavors such as watermelon flavored chocolate! The oval-shaped rice wafers.. they are called Happy Turn. We are not sure what it's made of, but many kids in Japan love its sweet yet sour taste. We looked it up online and found out it has been around since 1976! It was named Happy Turn (happiness returns) because at the time, Japan was going through a very tough time economically. We are glad Charlotte liked it!! If there is anything else you would like to try out from Japan, please let us know! We can always send them to you guys! And thank you very much, Christine, for giving our Moppy an extra snuggle!! -The Paekers in Japan