Monday, July 7, 2014

Charmin on the Chesapeake

So far we have taken Charmin north and west, so today it was time to go east! All the way to the Chesapeake Bay.

Several years ago some friends invited us to Buckroe Beach, which is in the sleepy little town of Phoebus, Virginia. It’s a great beach and it only takes an hour and a half to get there, so it’s much closer than Virginia Beach and not very crowded, so we try to make at least one trip every summer.

While we played in the water Charmin decided to stay cool in the shade of our beach umbrella. He didn’t want to get a fur-burn.

After we played on the beach for a couple hours we rinsed off and then went to the playground to play for a bit to help us dry off before we got changed for the drive home. Here are Tyson and Charlotte taking a ride aboard the SS Buckroe!

Looks like they have a little bear for a first mate!

Charmin takes a ride on the swings with Teeny.

Charmin told us he’s always dreamed of being an astronaut.

He’s practicing for astronaut training by taking a ride with Audrey on the zip line. Whee!

Charmin felt a little less homesick being so close to the Atlantic Ocean. He waved across the pond at his family in England. But he had a very fun day on the Chesapeake Bay! 

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