Monday, July 28, 2014

Hadleigh - Part 1

Hadleigh is the next town from us, about two miles away. We've made a couple of trips there recently, and Tag came along.

First we went to the library. Each summer they run a summer reading programme, and Ceri was very keen to sign up.

Ceri and had to tell the Librarian all about herself. If she completes the reading challenge, she will be given an award when she gets back to school after the summer holidays.

Here are Ceri and Tag with their "Mythical Maze" record book. Each time Ceri finishes a book she can tell the Librarian about it, and she'll get a sticker to put in her book. Once she has a set of six stickers she gets a medal!

There were lots of pictures and displays in the library around the theme of "Mythical Maze". Tag particularly liked this dragon.

Hari didn't want to do the programme, but she did check out some books. Unfortunately the automatic checkout machine didn't recognise Tag, possibly because he's not a book.

After the library we popped across the road to our local supermarket, Morrisons, where big sister Gwen works on the cake shop. Here she is being a customer for a change.

These are some of the yummy cakes Gwen's shop sells. We recently had friends visiting from Wyoming who told us you don't have fresh cream cakes in America, or indeed fresh cream. They really enjoyed these cakes. (Not everything on the shelf is a cake. A little bear may have sneaked on there when we weren't looking. Here's a clue - he costs £1.09)

Something else they told us you don't have in America is good cheese. We love soft blue cheeses, goats cheese and Stilton. Tag does't fit quite so well on the cheese shelf.

Nearly finished! Tag is tired after all that shelf-hopping, so he hitches a ride in the trolley. Morrisons is quite a small shop, so it only really sells food and a few little things like greetings cards and magazines, but we do have some very big shops like Wal-Mart further away. We like Morrisons because it's close to home, we get a 10% discount because Gwen works there, and because so many of the youth from church work there that we call it "Mormonsons."

Somehow Tag manages to find the energy to have a ride in Peppa Pig's car before it's time to load all the shopping into the boot of our car and head for home.

As well as being our local shopping town, Hadleigh has an interesting history. Our next post will be all about the history of Hadleigh and our visit to Hadleigh Castle.

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  1. What a nice peek into your life! We also go to the library every week (we’ll take Charmin with us soon) and our kids are also doing a reading challenge- they each have to read 1,000 minutes this summer. We keep a log online to track our progress. Tyson has cleared 3,000 minutes and Audrey just cleared 2,000. They have each gotten a little prize for their accomplishments thus far. And, if the kids in the elementary school read 1,000,000 minutes cumulatively, the principal will dye her hair rainbow colors!

    One thing our library doesn’t have is that neat little scanner for self-checkout. We still take our books to the librarian to scan for us. :-)

    I have never had a fresh cream cake, but it does sound wonderful. We do have fresh cream, but you have to go to a dairy to get it. And we also have some wonderful cheeses, but when we want those we usually go to the farmer’s market.

    We are looking forward to seeing a castle! Oh, and the kids noted that what we call a shopping cart you call a “trolley", and we call it a trunk and you call it a “boot.” :-) Fun to learn!