Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tag does the Tour de France

Yesterday, Tag went to work with Dad (Roderic), to his accountants' office in North London, because the Tour de France was passing through the area. But before he could go and join in the fun there was work to be done in the office.

Tag also had to read carefully through the leaflet all about the Tour de France.

Then it was time to go and join the spectators.

It rained (of course) so Tag found some shelter under this Tour de France umbrella.

Before the cyclists there were lots of advertising floats. This one is for Haribo sweets.

And this one has a teddy bear on it!

Finally it was time for the cyclists to come through.

Tag really enjoyed watching the spectacle, although he did wonder why the Tour de France was in England. Here he is strapped into the car commuting back home again.

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  1. Wow, how exciting! We never imagined that our bear would get to see a world-famous bike race! Glad he’s finally pulling his weight for you and helping out at the office as well. And thanks for keeping him safe in the car! :-)