Friday, August 11, 2017

Beach Day!

Konnichiwa, Tyson, Audrey, Charlotte, and Christine!

This week, we went to Suma Beach. It is only about 40 minutes away from our house with 2 trains, so we go there often during summer.

They have some beach houses at the beach that sell foods and drinks during summer (this photo was taken when we were leaving the beach), so we got some takoyaki from there for lunch when we arrived at the beach and ate them in our tent.

Takoyaki is made from a mixture of flour, eggs, and water with diced octopus, fried into round balls using a special moulded pan. Tako means octopus!

You eat them with some takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green laver called aonori and shavings of dried bonito called katsuobushi. It is definitely one of our favorite Japanese foods, and Tag loved it, too!

After eating takoyaki for lunch, Yuki, Tag, and Yuki's mom enjoyed some swimming in the ocean with our big turtle float!

This is Suma Beach. It is located right behind Suma Aquarium and has a very beautiful view! Can you spot the bridge on the left side of the photo below? It is called Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and it connects the mainland Japan and Awaji Island. It is actually the longest suspension bridge in the world at 1,991 meters/6,532 ft/1.237 miles! Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco comes 14th at 1,280 meters/4,200 ft. (

Another thing that might be interesting is... Can you spot those blue floats in the ocean? They indicate that people cannot go beyond those floats. Once, Yuki has gone rather close to one of the blue floats and he was pulled back to the shore by a life guard... We are not sure if you have them in the US, too...? They are not that far from the shore as you can see, though. Japan is a very strict country and there are many rules we need to follow.

A few years ago, Suma Aquarium, which is right next to Suma Beach, started this project where they partition a part of the ocean with some floats and nets and let their dolphins swim there during summer.

We could see dolphins swimming in the ocean right next to us, and it was really cool! They were doing some training, too, and we could see them jumping!

We love spending the day at the beach, and today, we felt grateful we live in a port city, Kobe, where we have the beaches close by!

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  1. What fun! We have visited some beaches this summer too, but it was before Moppy was located... ;-) And yes, most beaches have lifeguards, and buoys marking the swimming area.

    One of the beaches we went to is called Yorktown Beach and it is near a Navy base, so we sometimes see huge military ships coming in. There's also a huge drawbridge there. It's really neat!

    Thanks for sharing more about your beach and that food- we don't eat octopus very often here!