Friday, August 4, 2017

Moppy Goes to Florida Part II: Pool Play and Polynesian Revue

One of our favorite things to do at the Marriott Grande Vista Resort in Florida is to play in the POOL! They have 2 main pools that we like to play in. This year we noticed that the pool near the reception area was warmer than the pool with the water cannons, so we spent more time at the warmer one.

Here's the rest of the gang- Chad's parents are the ones who own the timeshare at the Marriott, so it's thanks to their generosity that we're able to take such a nice vacation there. His sister also came with her two kids.

Audrey loves the pool!

Tyson spent most of his time underwater.

Charlotte takes a jump off the side.

Tyson goes for a cannonball.

Christine preferred to splash around with her floats on.

And Moppy preferred to take in some sun! Again, problem with the pink fur...sure hope she put on sunscreen!

Here's a view of the other (chillier) pool. We played there a few times when it was hot enough outside!

This is the main pool again, but at dusk. We went there one night for their special Polynesian show.

The kids' cousin, Ollie, made sure Moppy got plenty of cuddles (and kisses) during the show. They really seemed to hit it off.

Here are the hula dancers.

And this guy played with fire! The kids were watching from the pool- I don't think any of us would have been brave enough to get that close if we hadn't been IN the water! We could feel the heat from the flames!

After the show, Charlotte and Christine and Moppy got a picture with the dancers. They were amazing!

And here are a few more pool shots from the next day:

Group jump!

Christine doing some tricks with the help of her dad.

And, the most exciting part of the trip for Charlotte- when she got to become a mermaid!

They have mermaid tails for rent at the resort, so she was able to use one for an hour.

She said it was a dream come true!!

Stay tuned for more Florida adventures...


  1. Wow! Yuki was amazed at the resort! In Japan, we do have amusement parks like Disneyland with hotels next to them and the hotels with a swimming pool or two and/or hot springs, but we do not have big resorts like that where you can stay for many days, just relax, enjoy spending time at the pool and enjoy performances, so Yuki thought it was very cool. And we are very glad Moppy got to make some friends with Ollie! Moppy loves babies!! Wow, Charlotte... It seems like she can really swim!? Or is that a mermaid magic...?

    1. Yes, Charlotte is a wonderful swimmer, and we love going to the resort because we have our own apartment there. Our apartment had two bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, and a full kitchen. We bought groceries when we arrived and we were able to eat in our apartment most of the time, which saved us a lot of money since we didn't have to eat out. It's a very comfortable way to vacation, especially when you have a big family!