Friday, August 4, 2017

Seeing Carnivals without any fence at Himeji Central Park! :O

Konnichiwa, Tyson, Audrey, Charlotte, and Christine!

This past Saturday, we went to "Himeji Central Park" in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture with Yuki's Grandpa!

This park is basically a zoo with an amusement park next to it. But what makes it very different from other zoos is that we can go through a part of this zoo in our car with animals right outside the car without any fence between us!

It reminded us of the movie, Jurassic Park.

Zoo was divided into little sections, such as the section for tigers, the section for cheetahs, and the section for lions, etc., etc., and each section is double-gated. Only one gate opens at a time to make sure the animals inside do not escape. There are guards in cars watching at each section.


Female lions:


It was very different to see those animals right outside our car windows without any fence between us. When we first saw them, we were a bit afraid they might come attack us. But they all seemed very well fed (the guards in cars threw meats at them once in a while), and they were just lying down.

Herbivores had a bit more action going on. Some of them were crossing the street as the cars were passing and they came very close to our car!

This park is also known for their White Lions and White Tigers.

Can you tell what this animal is in the photo below...? It is actually a female White Lion! You could feed her a piece of meat on a stick through the fence. Yuki did not feed her, but people feeding her were saying she was very strong!

White tiger:

We also got to take a photo with one of the twin White Lions, born on May 22nd of this year at the park! We think he was getting tired... He seemed upset and was roaring! It got us a bit scared! He was little... but he was a lion after all!

This photo did not come out good, but we also got to feed some bears! They knew we could give them foods, so they would wave at us asking for foods! :O

We could also go up very close to giraffes and feed them. They had some grass and carrots. Can you guess which their favorite food was? The answer is... carrots!

We also came across this very lazy chimpanzee! But he was catching everyone's attention!

After the zoo, we went to the amusement park. It was a good old Japanese amusement park. Yuki's mom cannot ride anything that falls, but Yuki loves roller coasters!

Yuki has ridden all the rides at Tokyo Disney Resort and also at Universal Studios Japan, but this ride in the photo below... he says it was the most scary ride he has ever ridden! Yuki was happy he had Tag to go on this ride with this time!

We also found a fun vending machine inside the park!

It was a long, hot day. But we had so much fun!

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  1. What a fun day you had! We loved the white tiger and the white lion. When I was little my mom had a friend who worked with animals, and she actually brought a lion cub to my house! I have a picture of me holding it on my lap. They are adorable, but they definitely grow up into fierce predators.

    Thank you for sharing such a fun day with us!