Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our New Aussie Visitor for the Summer!

We had just arrived home from Audrey's gymnastics class on Tuesday when we saw something peeking out of our mailbox...what could it be?

When we pulled it out and saw the return address we knew right away- it was our Australian teddy bear! Or, to be more specific, Koko the Koala! 

We were all very excited to welcome him into our home. Here he is with Tyson (11), Audrey (9), Charlotte (5), and Christine (aka Teeny, 2- almost 3).

Fortunately, his arrival overlapped with Tag's departure, so they were able to meet. 

They seemed to have really hit it off! Koko told Tag he was going to a wonderful home and wished him a safe journey. He let Tag try some of his eucalyptus leaves, but Tag wasn't a fan (he prefers chocolate). Koko assured him there is plenty of chocolate in Australia. 

This is the last week of school for the kids, and we can't wait to start taking Koko on all sorts of fun summer adventures with us!

You might have noticed that Tag got a new addition- we figure that since it is winter in Australia he might need a little extra clothing to keep him warm, so we found him a shirt. ;-) Hopefully between that and his fur coat he will be fine.

Bon voyage, Tag!

To find out more about Tag's adventures in England last summer, click here.

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  1. We're so glad to see that Koko arrived safely! Amita saw your first photo and immediately said 'Look there are my friends!' Tag will definitely need a jumper here. We have just moved from the Gold Coast to 4 hours West in the Australian Outback and it actually gets very cold here. We are going back to visit the Gold Coast in a few weeks though so we will show Tag all of the cool things there too. We can't wait to get him in the mail!