Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rainy Day Fun

Last week we planned on going to a lake with some friends, but as we were on our way I noticed a huge bank of black clouds in the direction of the lake. I called my mom to ask her to go online and check the weather forecast and discovered an 85% chance of strong thunderstorms for the area. Yikes! So we had to change our plans.

We took a quick detour over to a craft store and it was just starting to sprinkle as we went inside. 

It's a BIG craft store called Hobby Lobby! 

They have much more than crafts- a lot of home decor items too. Can you find Koko in this Independence Day display?

Koko thought this pencil chair was pretty neat. I guess you erase the floor whenever you pull it out to sit in it?

Here he is with more items to celebrate Independence Day, which is coming up next week (4th of July). 

Some 4th-of-July fashion with the girls.

Speaking of fashion, why not try a sparkly hat? Looks good on Koko!

After we got done at the craft store we went home and decided to change out of our swimsuits and take our picnic lunch we'd packed for the lake and have an indoor picnic & movie afternoon instead. We watched Dolphin Tale 2 (Koko got a good seat on top of the cooler).

Then Koko helped Audrey paint her little purse she got at the craft store. Each child got something made of wood to bring home and paint- Tyson got a dinosaur and Charlotte and Teeny each got birds.

So that's how we made the most of our rained-out lake day! Hopefully we will get to go back to the lake and try again. It's been a very rainy, stormy week!


  1. Amita thinks your day looked like a lot of fun. She'd like to find the Dolphin Tale movie and watch it too.

    1. Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2 are both great movies based on a true story- we are actually really hoping to go visit the real-life star of the movies, a dolphin named Winter, when we go to Florida in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed!