Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We had been expecting Tag to come to our house for the last few days and when we heard a knock at the door we all went running to see if it was him. There was a yellow envelope from the U.S.A and knew it must be him.

The girls waisted no time in getting him out.
There was so much excitement when he finally came out of the envelope (Amita got a bit distracted popping the bubbles on the bubble wrap).
This is what Tag has learnt about the children in the house so far. Amita is 4 years old and she loves to dance. Tag is looking forward to having lots of fun with her.
Lizzie is almost 2 years old, she has crazy hair and she loves taking care of Tag by feeding him. He is excited to try lots of Australian food.
Our Winter School Holidays start next week (but only for 2 weeks). We are going to take
Tag to lots of cool places. We hope Koko is having a ball with your family!

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  1. My kids keep saying, "AWWW! Those girls are a-DOR-able!" We are looking forward to finding out more about Australia and seeing more photos of your cutie pies!