Monday, June 29, 2015

Flowers and Freckles

We have all been cooped up in the house for the last week, with both Amita and Lizzie catching the Flu. Tag has been a great help keeping them happy. Amita had fully recovered today and with Dad home on holidays (he's a High School teacher) to look after Lizzie, we could go out and get some errands done. Tag enjoyed getting out into the sunshine too.

Amita took him hopscotching outside the pharmacy.

 They stopped to smell some lavender flowers together.

Amita has a knack for finding these little purple wildflowers that grow amongst the grass. She picked this one for Tag.

 I needed to go to Big W (which is a department store) to finish getting Lizzie's birthday presents for next week. The closest one is an hour away so we went on a little road trip. Tag and Amita watched Teen Beach Movie in the car on the way there and Despicable Me on the way back.

Tag made some new little yellow friends. Can you see him?

Amita said that Tag was getting tired - it had been a big day so far - and so he got to ride in the trolley. Amita was not tired at all as you can see! 

 To reward Amita and Tag for being so good at the shops they got to choose a treat and they picked out freckles. It is probably our family's favourite lolly. Do you have them in America? They are chocolate buttons topped with sprinkles. Very yummy!

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  1. We don't have Freckles in America- they do look yummy, though! They look similar to a movie theater treat we have here called Sno Caps- chocolate disks covered in white sprinkles.

    New Australian talk we learned today- "lolly"! I assumed it meant treat, and according to Google it's slang for candy. We're guessing it's derived from the word "lollipop"? Fun to learn!

    Tag looks like he's having a great time! Make sure he doesn't catch the flu!

    Glad you guys were able to get out and about. We finally have some sunshine today so we might take Koko to the park with us.