Friday, June 19, 2015

A Visit to Virginia Horse Country

This week Dad went out of town to North Carolina for work, so we decided it would be the perfect time to go visit Grandma! And we thought since we'd taken Charmin to visit Grandma last summer, it was only fair to take Koko for a visit as well.

We are at A and Grandma is at B.

Grandma lives about 3 hours north of us in a town called Lovettsville. It is a beautiful area of Virginia, about an hour outside of our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Grandpa actually works in Washington, D.C. and commutes by train. He works at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Headquarters there (and he may have given us some souvenirs for Koko to take home with him).

We didn't stay for too long, but we thought Koko might enjoy a riding lesson. He got to meet Chase, one of Grandma's horses.

Audrey gave him some cuddles before she mounted up.

Koko was a little nervous to ride so Teeny koala-sat while they watched Audrey's lesson from the safety of the ground.

Artsy shot. :-)

This is Audrey brushing Chase the next morning.

Another artsy shot as Audrey gives Bear some love. He's a very recently retired racehorse (my mom was his breeder but bought him back from his owner straight off the racetrack a few weeks ago right after he'd placed 4th in a race- he'd won the race before!)

One morning Grandma and Audrey picked blueberries and Teeny and I picked daisies. Here's Koko and Tyson posing with our little harvest.

What is THIS? Why, it's a giant Australian flag! My brother had actually gotten this as a gift from an Australian exchange student he dated in high school. He passed it on to my sister and she has it hanging in her apartment at my mom's. As you can probably tell, Koko was very pleased to see it.

Charlotte was with us on this trip too, but for some reason I didn't get any photos with her! Oh, well. It's a long summer. Plenty more opportunities. :-)

We hope that Tag arrives soon!

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