Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dalby Delicious and Delightful Festival

 A good thing about living out in the bush and away from major cities is that all of the towns around us have festivals and shows quite often. It helps to bring tourists to the area and promote community spirit. This weekend was Dalby's Delicious and Delightful Festival. There was crafts, food, music and lanterns!

The girls and Tag had a bit of a play before we went in.

 Lizzie helped Tag on the playground.

 Amita and Dad played a game where Dad would hide Tag somewhere and Amita had to find him and rescue him. Can you see where he is hiding here?

 She rescued him!

 I went to have a look in the creek and got really excited because I could see something long and brown diving in and out of the water. I thought it might have been a platypus. I've never seen one in the wild and they are very shy and hard to get a glimpse of. But as the creature got closer I saw it had a long skinny tail and realised it was just a water rat picking up it's friend and then swimming off. They are very fast!

 The festival celebrated multi-culturalism and we liked trying to guess where all of the flags came from.

 Lizzie made a feather crown ...

 and Amita got her face painted as a butterfly.

 All of the food stalls had cuisine from different countries. We decided we just had to try the American chicken wings. We had New York BBQ flavour in honour of Tag's shirt and they were delicious!

 For dessert we had some Hungarian Langos, which is like a fried bread with lots of yummy sweet toppings. Our friends tried some dutch Poffertjes.

 When night-time arrived we sat down by the bank of the creek to watch the lantern parade. Anyone can make a lantern and walk in the parade. Amita would like to make one for next year. She just had to make do with her glow sticks for this year though.

 My photography wasn't that great. Here are the best of them. 
A rainbow lorikeet...



 and magpie.

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