Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our little Branch

We thought we'd share our little Branch with you. It is located in Dalby and we live in Chinchilla, which is an hour's drive away. We're getting used to the long drive now (it was a big change from our old 5 minute drive to church back on the Gold Coast). Today I counted about 25 people here but we do get visitors quite often and can have double that number sometimes. We start at 10am and have Sacrament Meeting till 11:10 and then split off for Primary, Youth and Adult classes until 12:00. It can be tricky to fit in all of the things we need to teach in Primary into 50 minutes but with most of the kids having to drive a long way to get there, it's a pretty long day for them already to have 2 hours of church. 

Here's our Primary room. Today there were 5 children. Amita is telling me, "This is the place where we learn about Jesus."

 Here are the girls and Tag outside the Chapel. There are 4 rows of pews inside the Chapel. Lizzie goes to Nursery in the foyer.

 Tag loves hanging out in the Gum trees outside the Chapel.

 I found this Rainbow Lorikeet high up in another tree. They are very noisy birds but so beautiful.


  1. We love your little branch! When I was young we lived in a much more rural part of Virginia and we had to travel an hour to get to church, so I feel your pain! It takes great faith and dedication to take your little girls such a long way to church. :-)

    The Lorikeet is beautiful! Audrey especially liked it.

    We visited Maymont (a park) this week so I will get that post up for you soon. :-)

    1. Oops- looks like Tyson is still signed in on this computer, that's why the comment is from LegoMaster. :-)