Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Fairies are Coming

Our old fairy garden went through a hard time with our house move and we needed to make a new place for the fairies to rest when they visit.

I glued together some pop-stick houses for the girls and they got to paint and decorate however they'd like. Lizzie wanted to paint her house in purple, green and yellow. I think Tag is having a sunbake here.

Amita chose black and brown colours to make her house look like nature. 

 Then they decorated with some glitter, stickers, jewels and feathers.

We went for a visit to the local nursery and picked up some fairy sized plants and planter boxes. The girls loved the nursery as there was a huge pond with a bridge going over top and they could spot lots of little goldfish. 

Lizzie and Amita got their hands dirty filling the pots with soil.  

 Tag stayed clean over with the plants and fairies.

 Amita planned where the plants should go.

 And checked that it was Tag-friendly.

 We dug holes in the soil and put the plants in, then decorated with our fairy houses, figurines, shells and rocks.

 Lizzie got tired and took Tag to have a rest.

 Birds-eye view. Amita already has plans to add more pots along our balcony and expand the fairy garden. She has her eye on a little lemon tree at the nursery.

 Lizzie's Fairy House where the Koalas and lizards hang out.

 Amita's Fairy House with the blue stone river, platypus and frog.

 Aaaaaand a picture Amita took of herself that she really wanted me to show you!

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  1. What gorgeous fairy gardens! That looks like so much fun, we might have to try it ourselves! Audrey really liked Amita's idea to make her house look like nature, and she also liked the idea of a lemon tree. Charlotte liked all the flowers. Tyson and I really loved the blue stone river. Great work, girls!