Saturday, August 1, 2015

Miles Historical Village

Miles is a little town about a half hour west of us. We went to visit the Museum and Historical Village they have there. It was very impressive! A lot of the displays and items they have are from the late 1800's. Miles was founded in 1878.

Here are the girls and Tag with a huge wagon that was used to transport wool. 6 or 8 horses were needed to pull it.

Lizzie found a piano just her size. 

 They all had a go at the water pump. It's not connected though but still fun.

Lizzie's favourite exhibit was the steam train. They had the original train station there too.

It was BIG!

 Next we went to see what home-life used to be like. Lizzie is giving Tag a wash in the washtubs.

This is the stove in the kitchen. Don't worry we're not cooking Tag!

 The bath tub is made out of steel. We didn't think it would be very enjoyable to have a bath in the Summer - the tub would get very hot!

Tag is trying to get to the lollies at the milk bar. I don't think they would taste very good, they are very old. We saw some Minties, Roses and Cadbury. 

 At the grocery store with Tag getting weighed.

 Steve and I liked this car. It reminded us of Brum. I think it's a British book and TV show.

 Amita loved the 'waterfall' the best. It is called an artesian bore because it pumps water up from the Artesian Basin deep underground and the water flows through drains to where it's needed.

 We think Tag wants to join the circus. Amita was having a rest on an old hospital bed while Tag hung around.

 We think Amita and Lizzie have great mug-shot faces! Just like Flynn Rider.

I was impressed by this story of Carl Duffel. It is 300 kilometres from Ipswich to Condamine and in those days it was nothing but bush for those 3 children to walk through. It is amazing that they all arrived safely. It's pretty cool to learn about the pioneer stories of Australia. 

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  1. What a cool place! Tyson especially loved the steam train. The wagon for the wool was HUGE! We've never seen one that big before! The candy counter looked like fun- the only name we recognized was Cadbury. We love Cadbury Creme Eggs at Easter.

    The kids thought the car looked like the one from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the old movie with Jimmy Stewart.

    Your little horse thieves are adorable, and we loved the story about the pioneer. What courage! I often wonder if my kids could do the same if they were in similar circumstances. :-)

    Looking for a lost camera cord, but as soon as I find it we'll get a new post up for you from last week. :-)