Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Out on the Town

We decided to go visit the library and get ourselves some library cards. We have missed having lots of different books to read. Being such a nice sunny day we decided to walk.

 Amita found a toy catalogue at home and was showing it to Tag as we walked - she's a multi-tasker.

 We stopped to look at the monuments outside the RSL (Returned and Services League). This is a statue of a soldier. Our ANZAC service is held here every year to help us remember the soldiers who have fought and are still fighting for our country.

 This is a big battle gun that was used in one of the wars. It's sort of like a big Howlitzer. Amita decided it was easier to read her catalogue while sitting in the pram. I think she likes being pushed around instead of having to walk everywhere.

 This little guy is at the local bakery and the girls love to give him a cuddle (and Lizzie even gives him a kiss) whenever they see him.

Despite only living about 500m away from the library it took us about half an hour to walk there with Lizzie stopping to pick up interesting things and looking at everything along the way. We finally made it but Lizzie was a bit tired and we only got a chance to read a book to Tag before Lizzie decided it was nap time. We'll try and go back another time to get our library cards. 

1 comment:

  1. Charlotte thought that Amita sitting in the stroller was VERY funny! Although she does stuff like that all the time...LOL!

    Tyson thought the little bakery guy was "creepy". I think he's fun.

    Looks like you have your hands full with some very curious and energetic little girls! There are many times our library trips don't go quite as planned. It's nice that you live so close, though- a great way to get some exercise. Going to the library was one of the first things we did when we got back from Florida. Food can wait, books can NOT! :-)