Sunday, July 26, 2015

Florida Part II: 6 Knights, 7 Pools, 2 Hospitals, and 1 Temple!

 Whew, what a week! Now that we're finally home I can update!

On Wednesday we went to a place in Florida called Medieval Times. It's a dinner show with horses and knights and all things medieval! Here's Koko posing with a suit of armor.

Here he is seeing if he wants to be a princess.

He decided this shirt fit his personality better than the princess hat.

Here's Charlotte introducing Koko to Strawberry, her new unicorn she bought there. They're with Charlotte's cousin, Hailey.

Koko is all ready for the show!

We sat in the blue section, so here Koko waves the blue flag as the blue knight rides by on his horse. 

This was when they were having the parade of knights. You can see our knight right in front of us. Koko really enjoyed the show!

Here's the kids and Koko with the King and the Princess of the show. (There was a bad guy who tried to get the king to give him the princess- luckily one of the knights was very brave and beat him in battle!)

Here's the kids and Koko with our brave knight after the show. Charlotte and Teeny are holding flowers he threw to them during the show. They felt so special!

After the show we toured the medieval village where Koko tried on some chain mail. He said it was VERY heavy! He said it would be fun to pretend to be a knight in training, as long as he didn't have to wear that stuff!

Koko poses in one of the craft houses. I think this one was for basket weaving.

The kids and Koko at the castle entrance to Medieval Times.

Koko holds one of the girls' flowers outside the castle.

One thing we did a lot of at the resort was SWIMMING! They have 7 pools there. We liked this one because it was very warm (it was evening when I took these photos) and not too crowded. 

Koko tries out a float.

Chilling out on a lounge chair.

Koko goes for a ride in the pool with Charlotte, Teeny, and their dad, Chad!

On Friday morning some of us grownups went to the Orlando temple to do an endowment session. It was beautiful!

Can you see our tiny Koko there on the steps?

Here he takes a break on a pretty bench by the fountains.

How lucky he was to get to visit TWO temples during his time with us!

This photo does not include Koko, because we had already packed up and were preparing to go home, so things were a bit hectic. But on the day we were preparing to leave, Teeny ended up needing to be hospitalized for breathing trouble. It was a very long night, and made it so we left a day later than we'd planned. Fortunately, she is MUCH better now and we made it home safely. (You can check out my Facebook page for the full story.)

Whew, what a week! So glad to be home. It's nice doing this post and remembering all the fun stuff (rather than the not-so-fun stuff that happened at the end)!

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  1. The Medieval show looks like so much fun. Lizzie thought the photo of Koko in the t-shirt was hilarious!
    It looks like you all had a great holiday (until right at the end). Having a child in the hospital is so stressful. We are very glad that Teeny and Audrey are feeling better and you made it home safe and sound. Time to have a vacation from your vacation!