Friday, July 10, 2015


Dreamworld is a massive theme park on the Gold Coast. It has so many big rides and attractions. Amita and Lizzie had been looking forward to going here ever since they opened up ABC world. ABC is a tv channel here that shows just kid's programs. We love watching the Wiggles and Bananas in Pyjamas. We went with our cousins Armarna, Grace and Arden, Uncle Duane and Nan (Mum's Mum). 

We met Dorothy, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Fairy Clare from the Wiggles.

Amita was just tall enough to go on this ride and she loved it! We think it is funny that she is now 100 centimetres tall, which is the same measurement as 1 metre... So Amita is a metre! Try saying that really fast.

Unfortunately Lizzie and Tag were too short to go on most of the rides and were a little sad about that.

But Lizzie helped find them some nice puddles to jump in to cheer up.

Nan took Arden, Amita and Tag on the teacup ride. Nan and Tag got very dizzy (Tag couldn't even stay sitting up it was spinning so fast).

 Tag had fun trying to get people with the foam balls in the big ball playground. Air cannons would be loaded up with the balls and shot out. No one got hurt though.

Dad and Tag were getting a bit tired by this point and sat down to have a rest but Lizzie wouldn't let them rest for too long!

We hopped on the train to save our tired legs and feet. There are stations all around Dreamworld so you can just hop off when you get close to where you want to go. We wanted to go see some animals.

 Tag found a sleeping Koala to show Koko. 

The kangaroos at Dreamworld are very tame and love to have a back rub.

Their fur is very soft!

This is a very big saltwater crocodile. He was on his way into the water to get some food to eat. 

Dreamworld has a section recognising the Indigenous people of Australia called Corroboree (this is an Aboriginal word for a big celebration that would often happen at night with lots of dancing). Tag and Amita liked colouring in the traditional animal art and we found out the Indigenous tribe native to the Chinchilla area is called 'Barunggam.'


  1. Audrey thinks it is SO AWESOME that you got to pet a kangaroo!

    Tyson said that Dreamworld seems a lot like Disney World. We won't be going to Disney when we go to Florida (it is VERY expensive) but there are a ton of other fun things to do there.

    I was explaining to the kids that "Amita is a metre" probably rhymes for you because of the Australian accent, but for us it wouldn't, because we say hard r's. Also, I have yet to understand why America doesn't use the metric system. I mean, 100 centimeters to a meter makes much more sense to me than 12 inches to a foot and 3 feet to a yard. Oh, well... ;-)

    Thanks for showing Tag such a fun time!

  2. P.S. My younger kids enjoy the Wiggles too, and we have an ABC here as well- but for us it's American Broadcasting Corporation- just a regular channel! My kids' favorite channels to watch are PBS Kids, The Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Nick Jr.

  3. Yes I didn't think about that, we say 'metre' like me-ta. Australians are lazy with their pronunciations of words and will try to get away with using as little sounds as possible! haha