Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tag Goes on Holiday

We haven't posted in a while because we have just come back from visiting our Grandparents in Logan and the Gold Coast for a week. We didn't have time to get to a computer but we have a lot to share with you now.

We used to live in Logan and the Gold Coast before moving to the country so we feel like it is another home that we can show you.

We started our holiday by driving to Gramps and Gramsi's (Dad's parents) home in Logan. Tag saw some cool things on the way there.

A big coal train chugged past - or rather we drove past it as we were going much faster. At home in Chinchilla we know when the train is near because it will blow it's horn as it goes past. It can be heard all over town! 

 There are quite a few HUGE silos on the way too. We think they hold wheat as there are a lot wheat farms around here.

 At Gramps and Gramsi's house we got to go see the movie 'Inside Out.' This picture was taken after the movie and Amita had eaten a lot of popcorn, and Lizzie was trying to get the camera off of me. This movie is Amita's favourite now.

 Gramsi loves teddy bears and has a lot of them at her house. Tag got to have a teddy bear picnic with a few of them. I think he enjoyed himself very much.

 They all had a cuddle and a swing while Lizzie was taking a nap.

 Amita and Tag helped to make Minion cupcakes to celebrate Lizzie's birthday with the family.

Here are the Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents on Dad's side (most of them anyway). They all brought presents for Lizzie. Can you see Tag hanging out with Gramsi?

After a lovely time in Logan. We headed down to the Gold Coast to go to our cousin Grace's baptism. It was so nice and Amita got to say the closing prayer. Here are Tag and the girls with Grace after she was baptised.

 Lizzie here is sharing her refreshment with Tag.

 We spotted these kangaroos on the grounds of the Chapel. We couldn't get close to them because they were very shy.

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  1. What wonderful pictures! Looks like Tag is having a fantastic time with you. We couldn't believe that you have kangaroos at your church! How cool! I'm guessing maybe kangaroos for you are like deer for us- we have deer all over the place.

    Tyson loved the picture of the train and he's excited that Lizzie got a train set for her birthday. He had one a lot like that when he was little and he played with it all the time. He also wanted to share this minion joke with you:

    Q: How much do minions like to eat bananas after their workout?

    A: A whole bunch!

    LOL! The kids saw Inside Out too and they loved it. Yesterday we went to the movies to see How To Train Your Dragon 2- they show older movies for kids at the theater in the mornings in the summer and it's only $1 per ticket, so we like to do that.

    The teddy bear picnic also looked like fun! So glad Tag is making such wonderful teddy friends there in Australia. :-)