Friday, July 17, 2015

Lizzie's Birthday!

Lizzie turned 2 last week. On birthdays we try to do all of the favourite things of the birthday boy or girl. Here are Lizzie's favourite things. 

Weet-bix and milo cereal for breakfast with a poppa (juice box). Lizzie chose weet-bix. She likes to eat them with a drizzle of honey on top. 

Opening presents! I think that is probably everyone's favourite thing. She got a toy cash register... 

 A tea set ...

 We had to have a break from opening presents to have some tea (water) with Tag.

She also got a play kitchen with some wooden cut up fruit. I think Tag is making an order for food. She also got an Elsa doll, a Cinderella bag and an audio book set of the Faraway Tree.  

 Lizzie made sure that Tag had lots of water to drink all day long.

 Lunch time was a picnic in the lounge while watching Frozen. Lizzie loves potato chips, yogurt, banana and bread rolls.

After rest time, we went out the front to blow some bubbles (we would have gone to the playground but it had been raining and everything was a bit wet).

 Lizzie had to set up her tea set outside too. We think it is her favourite present.

 That night we had some yummy pirate cake. Tag helped to blow out the candles and Lizzie liked playing with Tick-Tock Croc and Captain Hook in the jelly.


  1. Audrey says, "She looks SO CUTE in her tutu!"

    Those cereal brands aren't familiar to us- never heard of Weet-bix or Milo!

    Charlotte and Teeny have a kitchen that they love to play with, and they also enjoy having tea parties. That birthday cake is so much fun! Normally for birthdays at our house I make the cakes, but this year with us being on vacation I just bought cupcakes. Totally against my normal birthday philosophy, but oh, well!

    Happy birthday, Lizzie!

  2. Those cereal brands are very popular in Australia. Weet-bix are pretty iconic. Many sport stars and kids at school will brag about how many Weet-bix they eat in the morning. The girls and I eat 2 but I know of people who will eat 10 or more in one sitting. Milo is more well known as a malted chocolate drink powder you add to milk.