Thursday, July 23, 2015

Play-dough Creations

We don't have a backyard at our new house. There is a little bit of grass at the front but it's not fenced so we do a lot of our messy play in the garage. Today, the girls showed Tag how they play with play-dough. 

Amita is discovering how to make purple play-dough by mixing the red and blue together.

 The girls were teaching Tag all about shapes.

 Amita made him a pink ice-cream.

 And Lizzie made Tag a palm tree ice-cream. He's a lucky bear!

 Tag climbed Rapunzel's hair to get to the top of the Princess castle.

 They love to make dresses for the princesses. I think Lizzie was trying to give Belle a hat.

 After sitting down for so long playing play-dough they all needed to jump around and do seed-drops on the trampoline. Do you know what seed-drops are? It's just jumping really high and falling onto your bottom. I guess like seeds falling out of a tree. They all loved it!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! We love to play with play-doh too. We thought Belle's "hat" looked very funny on her. :-) We also have a trampoline- just got a new one! We'll be sure to let Koko try it out before we leave. I like how you call them "seed drops." Our kids like play "Pop the Popcorn"- several children curl up in balls and lay down on the trampoline while another child jumps and tries to "pop" them! My little girls also enjoy playing "Ring Around the Rosie" on the trampoline. Easier to all fall down when you bounce!

    Thanks for all the updates. :-)