Thursday, July 9, 2015

Playing at the Park!

As promised, this is my belated post from last week! Last week the weather wasn't too hot, and the rain FINALLY stopped (we had a very rainy & stormy week the week before) so we decided to go to our local playground. 

Whose fuzzy ears are sticking up over the edge of that swing? (Hint: they're not Teeny's.)

It's Koko! 

Audrey took him for a swing as well.

She got a bit higher.

Then Teeny took him on the bridge...

...and down the slide!

Then Koko & Tyson built a fort in the woods behind the playground.

Everyone had to try it out.

This is a tricky one: do you see the koala in the Virginia woods?

And another one- might need to zoom in or use a magnifying glass for this one! (hint: he's in a spot that koalas might enjoy)

After we got done playing at the park we headed over to McDonalds for ice cream: the perfect post-playground treat. Tyson shared with Koko.

After that we went to the library, but we figured we'd do a library post another day.

Coming soon- our trip to FLORIDA! It'll be a 14-hour drive down south, but Koko will have a blast! We leave at the end of next week...!

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  1. Amita says: I love your park and thanks for letting me have Tag for a little bit!
    We think it's pretty cool that there are woods behind your park.
    14 hours! And I thought 4 hours was a long drive. Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you.