Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Florida Part I and Teeny's Birthday

This week Koko is having quite the time! We drove through the night on Friday all the way from our home in Virginia down to Florida, which is the state that sticks out of the southeast corner of the continental U.S. It took us about 12 hours, plus some with stops. 

Florida is very tropical- lots of palm trees, always very warm, even in winter! When we arrived we had to wait a bit for our room to be ready, so we hung out at the fountain in the courtyard at the resort.

Everyone was really tired still.

We let the kids make wishes and throw pennies into the fountain, and I even had one for Koko. 

Teeny helped him throw it. (I think his wish came true.)

Koko sits on the coffee table to check out the living room of our suite. We are on vacation with Chad's parents, who own a timeshare at the Marriott Grande Vista in Orlando, Florida. They booked suites for them (which they're sharing with one of Chad's sisters & her husband & son), for us, and Chad's sister & her family. 

The kitchen!

Koko gets comfy on the bed in the kids' room. He loves the accommodations that Nanny and Papa provided! 

Guess who had a birthday while we are in Florida? Teeny! She turned 3 on Monday!

We celebrated with cake & ice cream and a little party with the family.

Here's Koko getting some cupcakes while Audrey & Charlotte get goofy with their ice cream cups.

Teeny opens her gifts.

Wearing one of her (silly) gifts.

Koko plays with Teeny, her cousin Tucker, and Charlotte. This is a little squirrel family doll set that Teeny got for her birthday. 

Here's Teeny and Koko outside our room with part of the rest of the resort behind them.

Taking a walk one evening.

On Tuesday evening we went to a special animal encounter at the resort activity center. Here's Teeny snuggling with Koko in a beanbag chair before it started. She wanted to make sure he had a good seat.

One of the first creatures we met was a giant toad. We found out that apparently these toads are becoming quite the nuisance down in Australia (cane toad). Ever seen one?

We also got to meet a boa constrictor (above), a tarantula, a scorpion, and...

A baby alligator!

Tyson gave Koko a ride during his turn holding the alligator. Koko was nervous, but he liked it. Its skin felt like leather.

We did a kayaking tour today with the older kids, but there were no Koko-sized life jackets, so we left him at home. We didn't want to lose our beary sweet friend in the water!

We'll be posting more as the week goes on- lots more fun to be had!

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  1. Happy Birthday Teeny! It looks like you had a good day on your birthday. Lizzie loooooves the cupcakes! Florida sounds a lot like where we used to live on the Gold Coast - very tropical.We certainly do have cane toads and we have seen many of them. I have never seen one as big as that though. That one must get very well taken care of. They were introduced into Australia to get rid of another pest and became a pest themselves. Because they are poisonous the native animals eat them and get sick or the toads squirt them when they feel threatened.