Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Koko Loves to See the Temple

On Saturday we had a ward temple day, so we packed up the family and headed up north! For a map to see where we are in relation to the Washington, D.C. temple (and for more photos of it and the Visitors Center there), check out this post from last summer when we took Charmin!

As is becoming quite common here this summer, it was RAINING again on the drive up.

This is as we're crossing the bridge over the James River to go through downtown Richmond. This is only about 20 minutes from our home in Chesterfield. Richmond is the state capital of Virginia.

We left very early, so Teeny and Koko caught up on their sleep on the way up.

By the time we got to Tyson's Corner (no relation to our Tyson) about 2 hours later, the rain was behind us.

And by the time we arrived at the temple, it was a pretty nice day!

Koko checked out some of the beautiful flowers on the temple grounds.

We left the kids and Koko with my sister while Chad and I went into the temple, and while we were inside they came across these handsome young soldiers outside the Visitors Center. So they got a pic! Thanks, guys! We sure do love our troops!

Koko gets comfy in a tree.

Teeny gives Koko a cuddle at the beautiful Christus statue in the Visitors Center.

Koko wanted a pic in front of the temple. 

Our donut picnic after we came out! Chad is trying to get a pic of my sister, who was busy doing this:

Love your ninja photo avoidance moves, Elise!

Turned into a gorgeous day! Love those sparkling spires.

The Angel Moroni.

The Washington, D.C. temple is surrounded by a beautiful park, called Rockwood Park. It is very popular with cyclists, and as you can see, they were out in force on Saturday!

Stopped at McDonald's for lunch before we headed home. Koko wanted to pose with his buddies, the minions. ;-)


  1. Wow that temple is beautiful! We think it looks like a fairy-tale castle. Amita says that she wishes we could all go to McDonalds for lunch together. Lizzie has that very same Minion!