Friday, August 7, 2015

Lego fun with Dad

Nothing too interesting has happened this week. I've been unwell too. Amita has taken very good care of me by making me breakfast and playing with Lizzie. Dad wanted to thank her so they had a Lego play night after Lizzie had gone to bed.

Dad has a lot of Lego (at least 2 big containers full) from when he was little.

 They decided to make a Police Station. Amita really wants the Police Station Lego set for her birthday but it is pretty expensive - about $120 - so they got creative instead.

 Tag helped to make the walls.

 He also helped get the police chopper ready.

Spiderman had his own little look-out space in the station and a garage for his bike. Apparently it was his birthday too and here he is reading a birthday card. 

 There is a desk, a snowmobile and some beds for the tired police to have a rest on.

The cube is a jail cell (with some pretty impressive rocket guns on top), and the green sphere is a party light. The police can have a dance party after locking up a bad guy!

 The police are ready for any sort of chase with a helicopter, horses and speed boat.

 Tag, Amita and Dad were very impressed with their efforts, although they tell me it is nowhere near finished yet.

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  1. It does not surprise us at all that Tag has some Lego talent- we love Legos at our house, too! Tyson has his own Lego desk with a special surface and drawers filled with Legos, plus we have a family bucket of Legos for everyone. Right now he is working on an entry into a Lego contest- we'll be sure to show Koko when it's finished so he can share it with you. Oh, and Tyson also has a Lego blog that he just started-

    We LOVE the police station! Tyson especially liked the disco light- what a great idea. He also really liked the chopper. Amita and her dad (and Tag) are so creative! Well done!