Sunday, September 13, 2015

And Koko Lived Apple-y Ever After...

The weekend before school started (Labor Day weekend here in the U.S.) we decided we needed a little bit more family fun to close out the summer, so we headed out to Charlottesville (about an hour and a half west of where we live) to Carter Mountain Orchard, where we were lucky enough to hit that sweet spot where the end of the summer peach season and the beginning of the fall apple season overlap!

My camera ran out of batteries so we used Dad's iPhone to get these shots- this one from the observation platform is really cool!

Carter Mountain Orchard is up on a mountain (well, what passes for a mountain in Virginia- our friends from Utah like to argue with us about what a mountain really looks like) and it has a beautiful view. If it wasn't so cloudy, you'd be able to see a ridge of mountains off to the left (west) that's the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We started by hiking up another part of the mountain to get to the peach orchard. See that little red building down at the bottom? That's the barn where we parked. It was quite a hike! Koko hitched a ride in Tyson's waist pack. His little furry legs couldn't handle all that walking.

Here's Charlotte reaching up HIGH for a big, fat, ripe peach!

Dad helps Teeny get one too.

Once we'd gotten our peaches, we headed back down the hill for apples. 

Audrey's doing the ol' twist-and-PULL!

Peekaboo! Charlotte, we see you!

The gang takes a break from all the hard labor so we can take a picture.

Crazy Koko! What's he doing up in that tree? I think he's getting an apple...

A beautiful day in Virginia!

And as a special bonus, a video!

Hope you enjoyed our day at the orchard!

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