Friday, September 11, 2015

Bowled Over!

It is  was our LAST week of summer before school starts again, and so we've been trying to do all the things the kids have wanted to do before our days are filled with bus stops and backpacks and homework!

One thing we did this summer that they wanted to do again was go bowling. Since Dad was home today we got to take him with us to Bowl America! This bowling alley has free bowling for kids all summer long (and 1 grownup)- all we had to do was pay for shoe rentals.

Here's Koko waiting for his turn to bowl.

Teeny decided to come keep him company while she waited for her turn.

Audrey gives it a shot. 
For her and the younger girls we used bumper bars on the lanes- no gutter balls for them! Much more fun that way. :-)

Teeny felt like such a big girl.

Christine and Charlotte also used a ramp, since the balls were so big and heavy. Here's Daddy helping Teeny get her shot all lined up.

Here he is with Charlotte- looks like she just let her ball go. Is she waving goodbye?

Must've been a good one!

Koko checks out the ball return. He liked the green ball best.

It's finally Koko's turn! We let him use the ramp. He did great.

Daddy is the "pro" bowler in the family. 

He beat us all, but it was so fun we didn't mind. We were happy for him. :-)

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