Friday, September 11, 2015

ANOTHER Birthday!

Lucky us, we got to celebrate not just one, but TWO birthdays with Koko! Charlotte celebrated her 6th birthday on September 2nd, and we had a wonderful time celebrating with her.

A photo of the very silly birthday girl. You can see our backyard behind her- we're very lucky that it's very big!

Tyson is helping Charlotte with a present- he got her some princess accessories.

She stops during present opening for a picture with Koko.

Remember how Teeny got a little squirrel family for her birthday? Well, Charlotte enjoyed playing with it so much that she asked for more fun things to go with the squirrel family, so they got a doctor's office set. Koko watched (and held on to a piece and wore a pink clip on his ear) as they got it all set up.

All the kids and Koko had fun playing with it with Charlotte.

This was Charlotte's birthday dinner as per her request: a baked potato with cauliflower, carrots, broccoli & homemade cheddar cheese sauce; peas; and edamame (soy beans in the pod). This girl sure does love her vegetables!

She licks her lips in anticipation...

Here she is with her pile of empty edamame pods. She ate all the ones on her plate plus two more helpings. That girl would eat edamame for every meal if I let her!

Tyson, Audrey, and Teeny work on decorating Charlotte's cake. Charlotte asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, with M&Ms and candy pearls on top.

The finished product!

Chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream! Koko liked both.

And so did everybody else!

Like Teeny's chocolate beard? (and our wiry mess in the background? LOL!)

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