Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tag Goes for a Ride

We recently got a child's bicycle seat for Lizzie so she could sit on the back of Dad's bike. Lizzie is too little to ride her own bike and gets frustrated that she can't go as fast as her Dad so this was the perfect solution. We went for a family bike ride this afternoon with Tag (I don't have a bike yet so I went jogging alongside). 

Here she is all strapped in. We thought Tag would be safer riding in Amita's basket though.

All ready to go. 

 Lizzie is waving at us. The roads here are so wide and can fit at least 4 cars side-by-side. I love the roof on the house in the background here too, it is a typical Australian country red rusty tin roof. It makes a great noise when it rains.

 We could hear a few kookaburras close by but never got to see them. They are great camouflagers. Here is what it sounded like.  Tag went into this Bottlebrush tree to get a better look. It's called that because the red flowers look like a bottle brush. 

 The bike path winds through the bush. I love it here!

 We stopped at the Lions park on the way home. 'The Lions' in Australia is a fundraising club and they built this park. Tag thought this lion's paws were very cosy.

 Amita and Tag were practicing their gymnastics bar swings.

 Relaxing in the swing after a big ride. Everyone is tuckered out and fast asleep now :) .

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  1. That swing at the bottom looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the kookaburra sound- I have heard of kookaburras before ("Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree...") but I had no idea that's what they sounded like. But I recognized the sound from movies I've seen that take place in Australia. Crazy!

    Looks like a neat park. Thanks for sharing it with us!