Monday, September 14, 2015

Koko Goes to Church

We wanted to make sure Koko got the full church experience with us before we sent him back home to Australia, so this week we brought him to church with us. 

We have 2 wards and 1 branch that meet in our building (which is also the Stake Center), and our meeting is the last one at 1 o'clock. It only takes us about 10 minutes to drive there. We start with Sacrament Meeting, and then Christine goes to nursery and the kids go to Primary- Audrey and Tyson have Sunday School first and Charlotte has Junior Primary Sharing Time/Singing Time. Then in the third hour Charlotte goes to her Sunday School with her class and Tyson and Audrey go to the Senior Primary Sharing Time/Singing Time.

Here is Koko with Teeny and her nursery class. She has the same nursery teacher that her brother and sisters have had, and we all love her! She usually has between 6-8 kids in her nursery class each week.

Here is Charlotte waiting reverently with Koko for Primary opening exercises. She usually has 7 or 8 kids in her CTR 5 class.

Here is Tyson and his good friend Spencer. They are in the Valiant 10/11 class. They have about 6 kids in their class.

And last but not least, Audrey's class! They usually have about 6-7 kids in there.

I would guess we have a little over 50 kids in our Primary. We love them all, and we were so happy that Koko got to meet them. 

I think our next post will be about Koko getting ready to go home- wow, the summer sure did fly by! We will be sad to see him go!

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