Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Bear of Culture

For our Family Home Evening this week, we decided to get adventurous and head out to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in downtown Richmond. It’s a beautiful museum with so much to see! There is fine art from all over the world, much of it many, many centuries old- paintings, sculptures, furniture, jewelry, housewares, and even some clothing. If someone put creativity and craftsmanship into it, you can find it there. 

We stopped on our way in to get a photo- the museum is there in the background. And who is that handsome man? It’s my sweetie, Chad!

This neat outdoor colonnade thing is from India. I told my husband I was putting one of these on his honey-do list for our backyard.

Behold, the Golden Hare! We liked this rabbit.

This is one of my favorite parts of the museum- a reconstructed bedroom from the home of a wealthy heiress in New York City. I keep bringing my suitcase and I try to sneak in, but they never let me get very far...

Charmin reads all about the house it came from.

Tyson helps Charmin assume the correct archer’s pose.

Some of the art was really BIG, but Tyson helped a certain little bear get a better perspective.

It looks like the kids are standing on a ledge, but don’t worry- that’s a window behind them. That house is called the Robinson House, and it played a part in the Civil War. You can read all about it here

The museum also has a collection of Native American art and artifacts. Charmin liked these. 

He especially liked this funny little guy.

After a lot of walking, we were ready for a break! 

We snagged one last bear pic on the way out. Charmin had so much fun at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts!

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