Monday, August 18, 2014

Bouncy Bear

Today we had what I may start referring to as a “British Day”, after seeing all of Tag's rainy, cloudy pictures from England! We didn’t let the weather get us down, though. Despite the rain, it was bright and fun inside Monkey Joe’s, our local bouncy place.

Charmin selfie! There were 8 different bounce houses to play in.

Tyson and Teeny pose with Charmin on the pirate ship! This was one of Teeny’s favorites.

Did I mention that Teeny decided Charmin needed a necklace? 

Can you find the little bear hiding in this picture?

Charmin watches the kids play- he was too small to go in the obstacle course. We didn’t want him getting lost!

Charmin takes a ride with Tom & Jerry. Charlotte isn’t so sure about Tom.

Tyson helps Charmin climb the big slide...

And helps him come down, too!

Charmin and I get a photo together, courtesy of Charlotte.

Charlotte and Charmin pose in front of the obstacle course.

This was a special bouncy play area for the littler folks. Just right for Teeny and Charmin.

And a quick video! 

Charmin had a great time bouncing on this rainy day! Only two weeks of summer left...yikes! We’ve got plenty of fun left, though!

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend a rainy day! I wish they let adults go on those things too... Yes, it does rain here most of the time. It's raining very heavily as I write this, in fact! I think it has rained on every single one of the outings we've taken with Tag. The poor bear will be very glad to come home!