Sunday, August 31, 2014

ANOTHER Fair Bear!

Tuesday night we headed out to our own county fair here in Chesterfield, because it was Boy Scout night. Not sure how much y’all know about Boy Scouts, but Tyson is a Scout and he gets to wear a uniform and works to earn badges for things like camping, hiking, woodworking, mechanics, communication, sports, etc. It’s a great program that teaches boys leadership skills, encourages them to serve their communities, and helps strengthen their faith. 

Our first stop at the fair was to get some kettle corn from a vendor. Because fresh, hot kettle corn is really the entire reason I go to fairs in the first place.

Clearly Charmin agrees with me.

While Charmin pigged out, Teeny enjoyed her own little cup of corn.

Here comes the parade!

There’s Tyson with his Scout troop! Don’t they look handsome?

I liked this guy. Very patriotic.

Charmin watches the fire trucks go by.

And of course, tractors. We Americans do love our tractors.

When Tyson was done with the parade he posed with Charmin for a pic. Charmin is atop a free balloon Teeny got from a politician. 

Woohoo! My brownies won second place!

Charmin watches the model trains go by.

Quick pic with Audrey in front of the trains in the Arts & Crafts building. 

I wasn’t the only winner- Tyson’s “Splaticus” painting won first place, Audrey’s got third, and Charlotte got a very nice participation ribbon. (I took these photos on the day we picked them up- we weren’t allowed to touch them until pickup day, so I couldn’t get a photo of all of them together with their art and their ribbons.)

Charlotte with Charmin on the midway.

There’s a ride coming out of Charmin’s head!!

Once again, we didn’t do any rides, but they sure were fun to look at!

We did get to catch some pig races, though. Teeny made sure she and Charmin got a good seat atop her dad’s shoulders.

Aaaaand they’re off! See that pig coming out of the gate? And yes, that is a baby in a play pen in the middle of the race track. His dad was the race master, and the kid was having a great time.

We had a lot of fun at the fair and we were so excited by our prizes! We are looking forward to entering again next year, and maybe saving up our pennies and riding some rides next time. :-)

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