Monday, August 25, 2014

Splash Park and Hiking

We’re trying to cram in some good stuff before summer ends in a week! Last week we decided to head over to Pocahontas State Park, named after the famous Native American who helped Jamestown settlers. We often come to this park to go hiking, since it’s close to our house, but this time we came to SWIM!  

Tyson and Charmin check out the rules.

This is after we swam- we went outside the fence to have our lunch up on the hill at these picnic tables, and it was a nice view of the splash park & pool, so we took a picture. 

We invited our neighbors to join us, so they’re in the photos too!

Today we were blessed with yet ANOTHER gorgeous weather day- sunny, blue skies, in the 70’s F, so we knew we wanted to play outside but I didn’t feel like running around, so we stuck close to home. I let the big kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood while I took the girls- and Charmin- in the red wagon.

Teeny’s rockin’ her shades again. They loved relaxing in there!

After our neighborhood walk/ride, we decided it would be fun to explore the woods at the end of our cul-de-sac. There are all sorts of trails back there, so I let the kids bring their bikes. That blur back there is Tyson gearing up to take a jump.

Oh no! Charlotte’s in a hole!

Those big towers are for the electric lines that cross through the backyards in our neighborhood. We just happen to live next to those main lines. Charmin relaxes among the wildflowers and other various plants in the field. 

Charmin likes the woods.

When we got home Teeny and Charlotte wanted to give Charmin his own ride. 

We are loving this cool summer! Can’t believe it’s almost over!

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  1. How wonderful! I love water parks. For some unfathomable reason there just aren't any in this country. It's very sad. What a lovely way to spend a Summer day.