Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Charmin Goes to the Movies

Sorry we (and Charmin) have been MIA for a couple of weeks! We’ve either had kids too busy to bear-sit, or nothing that interesting to report on. But today we headed to the movies! Our local theater does a “Summer Family Movie Express” every summer where they play older kids’ movies on weekday mornings and it’s just $1.00 per ticket. Today was a rainy day for us, so we decided it would be the perfect day to see “Mr. Peabody and Sherman.” 

When we arrived, the line was already quite long! Fortunately, it moves pretty quickly. We only waited about 10 minutes or so.

Once inside, we stood in line again for refreshments. It was chilly in there, so Audrey made sure Charmin didn’t get too cold.

Charmin checks out the goodies. They looked yummy, but we decided on a large popcorn that we could all share.

I help Charmin get situated with Charlotte.

Then Charmin found his own perfect seat in the cup holder.

After the movie ended, we did a little photo op with the “Box Trolls” ad. Charmin is in there with Tyson. 

Charmin liked the penguins, since he’s sort of built like one.

We grabbed another shot in front of the theater on the way out.

They offer free refills on the large popcorn buckets, so we made sure to get a second refill on our way out for us to enjoy at home. Looks like Charmin was eager to dig in as well...

After the movie, we decided it would be fun to head over to Michael’s, a craft store, before we headed home. Charmin thinks he looks good in pink.

Then he goes for a ride on the toy dolphins. Whee!

Taking a little break among the faux flowers. Ahh.

Charmin! Get out of there! That crazy bear... :-)


  1. One of my favourite things about America is those two words - "free refills"! We call it the cinema, and I'm wondering why yours is called "Commonwealth". Does it have British connections?

    I think we'll have to go and see the Penguins film, but it is so expensive to go the cinema here - about £7 ($12) each, so we very rarely go.

  2. Yes, it costs about that much for us if we were to go to a regular evening showing, which is why the only time my kids ever go to the movies is in the summer! And yes, hooray for free refills!

    The name of the shopping center where the movie theater is located is called “Commonwealth Center.” The state of Virginia is actually not a state- it’s a commonwealth. From Wikipedia: "Four states in the United States officially designate themselves as 'commonwealths.' All four were original colonies (Kentucky was originally a part of the land grant of the Colony of Virginia) and share a strong influence of colonial common law in some of their laws and institutions." I think they just used the word in the name for the shopping center because they liked the way it sounded. :-)