Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Summer Tradition and Charmin Goes to Primary!

We started this crazy summer tradition in our family a couple of years ago where we go out for ice cream for dinner one night in the summer. We never tell the kids what day it will be, one night we just show up at the ice cream (or frozen yogurt) place at dinnertime and tell them that’s what we’re having.

There is usually some screaming and jumping with excitement.

Charmin was thrilled to join us! We took him to our favorite local fro-yo (frozen yogurt) place, Sweet Frog.

He checks out the flavors- should he do blue cotton candy...or cake batter...or both? There were also cheesecake, strawberry, graham cracker, chocolate, cookies & cream, mango, and a few other flavors. You just grab a cup and fill your own!

Once you have your cup filled with your choice of frozen yogurt, you get to choose your toppings- anything you want! There’s candy, cookie crumbles, nuts, whipped cream, hot fudge, warm caramel, chocolate chips, sprinkles- whatever you want! (You pay by weight, though, so watch out!)

Charmin is ready to eat- he’s got my concoction of blue cotton candy, cake batter, chocolate, brownie pieces, caramel, and whipped cream. Charlotte has all kinds of things in hers- looks like some gummy bears on top.

Teeny wanted to share.

Audrey tries to help Teeny warm up after she says, “I cole!”

We love our sweet tradition!

Today we brought Charmin to church with us. He went to Primary and hung out with Tyson.

The kids are standing (most of them) for our Spotlight. The Primary President is naming off one child’s favorite things and if it’s not something that’s your favorite, you are supposed to sit down. We keep going until there’s just one child standing.

Charmin gave the talk today.

(Just kidding. He was just messing around after Primary.)

The kids pose with Charmin outside the church building. It was HOT today! Mid-90’s!

Do you guys have any fun family traditions for the summer, or any other season? Do you have anything like Spotlight in your Primary? :-)

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