Friday, June 13, 2014


Tag and I had some fun yesterday. Once he was over the jet lag, I decided to take him exploring round our little village, taking photographs of some of the interesting sites. Only problem was, I didn't think I could carry him and walk the dog (Oscar), so he had to go in my handbag. He doesn't seem too happy about that.

Our first stop was Thundersley Water tower. I love water towers because my grandfather was in charge of the waterworks for his town, so I played near their water tower a lot growing up. I'm very happy to live in a town that has one.

We passed lots of houses which were decorated to support England in the World Cup. I don't have any interest in football, but Tag seems to be getting into the spirit of things.

We stopped for a rest at St. Peter's church, where there is a lovely view down the hill to New Thundersley. The picture of the view didn't come out well (too many leaves on the tree obscuring it) but here's Tag with Oscar sitting outside the church.

Finally it was time to head back to the village centre and collect Ceri from school. Here she is with her best friend Isabelle, and new friend Tag.
So now Tag knows all about the area he's staying in, it's time for him to explore elsewhere. Next week - London.


  1. What fun adventures! Looks like a beautiful day. We will cheer for England and the USA in the World Cup! Well, we probably won’t watch, but we’ll be cheering in our hearts. :-) One question- do your neighbors think you’ve finally lost it after they saw you walking around town taking pictures of a teddy bear? ;-)

    1. It's OK, they've known for years that I'm a bit crazy. I won't be watching the World Cup either. The only sport I watch is Quidditch.