Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy National Flip Flop Day!

Leave it to us crazy Americans to create national holidays based on footwear!

Okay, so the only reason I remembered that it was National Flip Flop day was because I saw it on Facebook. And because it means free smoothies.

 Here Charmin and Teeny take a peek through the window to watch the smoothie magic happening in the Tropical Smoothie Cafe kitchen.

Our local Tropical Smoothie Cafe always celebrates Flip Flop Day by giving out free smoothies to everyone wearing flip flops! They also use their free smoothie event to raise money and awareness for Camp Sunshine, a free camp for kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families. 

We thought Charmin should get the chance to help out the kids so we made a donation in his name.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any flip flops that were Charmin’s size, but Audrey generously shared her smoothie with him.

There’s an extra set of feet in this photo- the one with the plaid pants there is my friend Roseanne who joined us for our flip flop smoothie adventure. I actually got the idea for the Great International Teddy Bear Exchange from her and it was her idea to do this cute photo with Charmin and everyone’s flip flops. Good times!

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