Thursday, June 12, 2014

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...and a Bright and Happy Graduation Day!

On Wednesday night we had a ripsnorter of a thunderstorm, but Charmin seemed to enjoy it.

We kept him cozy and dry inside with us. This will probably be the first of many thunderstorms he’ll experience while he’s here in Virginia with us for the summer!

On Thursday morning we were off to Charlotte’s preschool graduation! Teeny was in charge of Charmin for the day.

She went to Chester Baptist Preschool and had a wonderful year!

Teeny did tearfully relinquish Charmin for one photo with Charlotte.

She’ll be off to Kindergarten in September! Congrats, squirt!


  1. Wow, preschool graduation! Ours don't graduate anything until University. And preschool here is from age 2½-4, but Charlotte looks much older than that. Congratulations to her for her achievement. I love how Charmin looks as though he's winking!

    1. Charlotte is 4- she will turn 5 in September, just before the cutoff for kindergarten. And yes, Charmin is charmin’ with his wink! ;-)