Monday, June 23, 2014

Learning About Nature

On Saturday Tyson had an archery tournament at Rockwood Park, a county park about 20 minutes from our house. 

In the U.S. there are national parks, state parks, and county/city parks. We are fortunate to live close to several county parks, 1 state park, and we have a national park about 2 hours away (Shenandoah National Park). 

While Tyson was shooting, I took the girls and Charmin over to the park’s Nature Center to look at the animals and exhibits. (The girls were getting restless and Teeny kept screeching, which was distracting the archers.)

Charmin with a stuffed owl, who doesn’t seem thrilled about having his photo taken.

Charmin reads all about the role of deer in Native American culture. 

“Mmm! HONEY!” 
Yes, those are real bees in a real hive. I wasn’t too keen on getting close, but Charmin loved it.

Charmin makes some new friends.

The girls pose with Charmin by a little pond (it had turtles in it) and some stuffed fowl. 

Charmin learned a lot about Virginia wildlife.

We caught the end of Tyson’s shoot. We don’t know how he did because it was a mail-in tournament for USA Archery (the same organization that sends American archers to the Olympics!) but he was very pleased with his score. Charmin thinks he might like to try archery sometime. :-)

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