Monday, June 9, 2014

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

He’s HERE! 

We are happy to report that Charmin arrived safely at the Tross home this afternoon, discovered in the mailbox when Tyson and Audrey got home from school.

We gave him a warm welcome!

We live on a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia.

We enjoyed our dinner of potato soup with cheese, and cornbread muffins. We offered some to Charmin, but he said no thank you, he was stuffed.

(ha ha)

After dinner we read our scriptures- in our house there’s no dessert until we read scriptures!

Teeny is very excited to have Charmin here with us.

After dinner there was a competition to see who Charmin would sleep with. We told the kids that whoever’s room was the cleanest and had their bed made would get to have him tonight.

Tyson won!

And I have never seen my children clean their rooms so fast before...

He even made a special place just for Charmin.

(As you can see, Tyson has a soft spot for teddy bears.)

We tucked him in for the night and we can’t wait to start taking him exploring soon. So glad he made it safe and sound!

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