Friday, June 27, 2014

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

On Tuesday we took a trip over to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, about 30 minutes from our house. Behind us is the main greenhouse, which also houses the Butterflies Alive exhibit- a huge room with hundreds of live butterflies! (No pics of that- dealing with kids freaking out slightly about butterflies.) You might notice some extra kids in the portrait- the one with the hat in the back is my nephew (the kids’ cousin) whose mom got us into the gardens with her membership, and the blonde one behind the stroller was visiting with us while his mom was at Girls Camp.

 Charmin takes a rest on a stone toadstool outside this cute little cottage. He said it reminded him a little bit of home.

Charmin watched the kids enjoying the splash pad. He would have gone in too, but he didn’t have a swimsuit. 

That is a 100-year-old magnolia tree! The kids had a lot of fun climbing on it- and Charmin did too! 


  1. Lovely! The cottage does look a lot like some of the ones in north Essex, so hopefully we can take Tag to see them soon. Unfortunately my children are still at school, so Tag isn't able to have many adventures with them yet, but we do have something planned for tomorrow. Watch this space!

    1. No problem, you did warn me that they’d be in school for awhile still- we’re having lots of fun taking pictures with Charmin! :-)